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Pile of forested logs

Our products are made only from natural materials without the addition of any chemicals. We offer a wide range of products that can satisfy the needs of any of our clients.
Please contact us, and we will be happy to tell you more about our offers.


Our company sells environmentally friendly fuel briquettes and wood pellets. We use only high-quality wood, which undergoes strict quality control and are subjected to special treatment to increase the density and thermal efficiency.

Our briquettes and pellets are ideal for use in home heating as well as in industry and agriculture. They have a high heat capacity and combustion duration, which allows you to significantly reduce your heating costs.

We guarantee high quality of products, prompt delivery and individual approach to each client. In addition, we offer competitive prices and are willing to provide discounts for large orders.

We respect nature and care about the environment, so all our products are made from renewable sources and contain no harmful substances. When you buy from us, you get environmentally friendly fuel of high quality, which will help you save money and contribute to the protection of the environment.

Tranquil forest
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